Join Jeff Foster & Matt Licata for a special Free LIVE webinar on Thursday October 3rd, 2019:


Discovering the Beauty in Our Vulnerable and Wounded Places

Note: This is a one-time free online event as part of Jeff and Matt's new online community.
Jeff_Foster_Free_Webinar Jeff_Foster_Free_Webinar

Jeff Foster
Jeff is a a spiritual teacher whose personal journey through suicidal shame and depression led him to the discovery of non-duality.

Matt_Licata_Free_Webinar Matt_Licata_Free_Webinar
Matt Licata
Matt is a a depth-oriented psychotherapist who has spent the last 25 years at the intersection of meditative awareness, emotional healing, and shadow integration.

On this free LIVE webinar, spiritual teacher Jeff Foster and psychotherapist Matt Licata, will speak from their hearts about the journey of meeting the parts of ourselves that we ordinarily turn away from in shame, guilt or fear. And how even our most challenging internal experience - grief, anxiety, fear, loss, heartbreak - may contain seeds of wisdom, intelligence, and even grace... if we are willing to slow down and really begin to face ourselves as we actually are.


Along the spiritual or healing path, as sensitive, open, vulnerable human beings, we will inevitably be asked to meet with unwanted internal “visitors” of grief, disappointment, uncertainty, exhaustion, and even failure. But while it may be hard to see sometimes, these experiences are not enemies come to harm us, or signs that we have done something “wrong”, but allies offering an invitation of wholeness, unexpected gifts from beyond.


It is from this “turning toward” the fire and ice of our own direct, embodied experience that we can discover a powerful confidence in our lives, a basic courage and trust in who we are. Perhaps we come to see that all of our internal life, including the pain and uncertainty we feel, is utterly valid, totally workable, and maybe even a portal into something unspeakably mysterious...

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