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Embodying a Trauma-Sensitive Spirituality
& Discovering a Felt Sense of Safety

with Matt Licata

An Online Community Exploring a Contemporary,
Embodied, Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Spirituality & Healing

Matt Licata, PhD

Matt Licata, PhD is a depth psychotherapist, writer, and independent scholar based in Boulder, Colorado. For the last 25 years, he has been involved in the rich and creative dialogue between depth psychological and meditative approaches to personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation.

He is the author of the newly released A Healing Space: Befriending Yourself in Difficult Times (Sounds True, 2020), and also The Path is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You.

It is love, of course, that guides the reorganization and it’s unfolding.  But it is love, too, that is the substance of the ashes, and also the tears, the tears of grief and the tears of love.  If the tears could speak, they may tell us that there is no medicine in a wound that is already healed, but only in one that is weeping.

– Matt Licata PhD